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Restaurant Update

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. It may be a while before we’re swinging clubs outside again. I offer a brief update on our new restaurant search.

As we’ve communicated:

  • Oak Hills Park Authority (OHPA) put together a committee to conduct a restaurant search
  • We asked for your input via survey and communicated your desires to all interested parties
  • Three interested restaurateurs submitted proposals via the city website for the restaurant assignment
What’s happened to-date:
  • We interviewed the candidates and had very productive meetings to discuss pros and cons of each proposal
  • The restaurant selection committee made its recommendation to the OHPA
  • On 1/16, the OHPA accepted the recommendation and the Restaurant Chair, Alan Dutton, was tasked with finalizing terms

What are next steps:

  • OHPA to vote to accept final terms
  • The City of Norwalk legal counsel to review and approve the agreement

Once the process is completed, we will communicate specific plans going forward. Everyone involved with the process is encouraged by the progress made and looks forward to finalizing the agreement so the new restaurant, whom we will announce once the process concludes, can begin the hard work of getting ready to serve our community. We will continue to provide updates as they occur.

Jim Hollyday
OHPA General Manager