Eligible Users

Norwalk Residents and general public, a minimum of 10 years of age or older. Juniors 10 and under may utilize the golf course with an adult after 12:00pm unless permission is granted by the golf professionalJuniors 10 to 15 years old, must play with a player 16 years or older.

Golf Season

The regular season runs approximately March 15th through December 15th, contingent upon course conditions and weather, as determined by the Golf Professional/General Manager, Golf Course Superintendent, and with the concurrence of the Oak Hills Park Authority. The Main Office opens approximately 30 minutes before the first scheduled tee time and closes 7:00 PM on weekdays, weekends and holidays during the regular season.

The winter season is approximately December 16th through mid-March.

Regular or temporary greens, if deemed necessary by the Golf Course Superintendent and Golf Professional/General Manager, will be used until the regular season opens.

The course will be open on a day-to-day basis contingent upon course conditions and weather, and as determined by the Golf Course Superintendent and General Manager.

Golf Carts

To rent Golf Carts. Drivers must have a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. Oak Hills Park reserves the right to verify validity and a may also require customers to present a license if necessary. Carts may not be rented if the operator has a learner's permit. The Cart Damage waiver must be signed by the operator and turned into the starter to apply the corresponding cart number onto the waiver. Please read the damage and liability waiver carefully before signing the form. Safety warnings are clearly posted on each golf cart and should also be read prior to operating the vehicle. At no point in time should unlicensed minors operate golf carts, violation of this policy will void the rental agreement.  

Frost Delay

Frost delays normally occur during early to mid-spring, and late fall/early winter. Should frost be on the course, a decision will be made by the Golf Course Superintendent or his Assistant as to when play may begin without damaging the greens.

Following a frost delay, groups will tee off in order of the originally scheduled tee times. The group with the first scheduled tee time for the day will be the first group to tee off with the remaining groups following in sequence. For example, if you have the first scheduled time of 8:30AM and the course opens at 9:00AM you will be the first group to tee off and all remaining groups will tee off 30 minutes after their scheduled time.

Resident Permit

Norwalk Residents can purchase a Resident Permit at the Pro Shop. The Permit is valid for the calendar year, and will allow the person to play at Resident Rates. Two proofs of residency are required: a valid Driver's License and a current utility bill. Juniors may obtain a permit with a report card, birth certificate and a parent's driver's license. Replacement cost for lost permits will be $45. Anyone found in violation of the above will be suspended for 60 days, or the entire season. Juniors must be under 18 years of age, and Seniors over 62 years of age. Residents of Norwalk who have not obtained a current permit will pay Non-Resident rates. Non-Residents may also purchase an ID card each calandar year that will allow them to play at resident rates. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations of tee times MUST be made prior to 5:00 PM the day before the tee time reservation. Failure to make changes or cancelations before 5:00 PM the day before will result in a no show fee charged to your credit card on file for 100% of the dollar value of your greens fee. Cancelations can be made through the golf shop if you booked through the golf shop or the GolfNow website. If you booked a GolfNow “Hot Deal” you will need to contact GolfNow for a refund. Weekend and Holiday tee times prior to 11:00AM CAN NOT be cancelled.

Weekend and Holiday Tee Time Reservations

Weekend and holiday tee time reservations can be obtained one week in advance using the automated tee time system.

Anyone can reserve a tee time on the internet or the phone system starting at 5:00 AM.

Any player not showing up for their tee time will be charged for the tee time.

Weekend and Holiday tee times prior to 11:00 am CANNOT be cancelled.

Cancellations of tee times after 11:00 am MUST be made prior to 5:00 PM the day before the tee time reservation. Failure to make changes or cancellations within the 24 hr. period will result in a no show charge of a resident rate per player to the credit card of the player who reserved the tee time.

Weekday Reservations

Weekday reservations may be made by Residents and Non-Residents.

Weekday reservations may be obtained one week in advance. Tee times will be available one week in advance starting at 6:00 AM over the phone system, internet and kiosk.

Weekday tee times may be reserved for singles, twosomes, threesomes or foursomes.

A valid credit card (MasterCard, Visa or AmEx) is required to reserve tee times.

Same day tee times are available up to 60 minutes prior to the tee time. Golfers can make same-day tee times in the Pro Shop, on the telephone (203) 604-1273 or on-line at www.oakhillsgc.com.

Norwalk residents will need to obtain their updated Resident ID pass before using the automated reservation system for the first time.

Norwalk Residents who have obtained an updated Resident ID card for the current year and who are 1st time users to the automated tee time system mustuse the internet reservation system or pro shop kioskto activate their membership with a personal identification number (PIN#) and valid credit card. This credit card is used to hold your reservation, credit cards are only charged if a player does not show for their reservation. After this initial activation, Norwalk residents can make weekday tee time reservations 7 days in advance using the automated tee time reservation system.

Raincheck Policy

Rain checks will be issued to those golfers who are unable to complete their round of golf. Rain checks will be pro rated based on the number of holes remaining. Rain checks issued will only be vaild through the end of the following calendar year.

Course Rules

Each player must have a golf bag with at least 4 clubs - one of which is a putter - and have proper proof of payment (register receipt). No more than 4 players per group at anytime. Absolutely no riders, chaperones or non-playing persons.

In addition to U.S.G.A. Rules, each player must comply with the following rules:

Please check into the golf shop at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time to sign in and/or be identified.

No singles shall be allowed off the first tee in the first four scheduled tee times. 9 Hole rounds are availble on the back nine for the first hour daily and must begin from the Tenth Tee only.

Practice anywhere on the on the golf course is prohibited at any time unless supervised by an Oak Hills Golf Professional. Failure to abide by this policy may lead to suspension. Practice is allowed on practice greens #1 and #2 only.

Tee off between markers. No more than 2 club-lengths behind markers (U.S.G.A. Rule).

Golfers are requested to replace divots, smooth sand traps, and repair ball marks on greens. Ball marks on the greens require repair within 15 minutes. Otherwise it takes 10-15 days for the healing of the putting surface.

A player may hit only when players ahead are out of range. A player must shout "FORE" if he is in danger of hitting anyone or if he loses sight of theball.

Players stopping for lunch or spending excessive time at the 10th Tee Concession must be ready to play or allow the following group to play through.

Players using electric carts must follow 90° Cart Rule and keep carts on designated cart paths. If there is no cart path, drive in rough to the extent possible. Where there is no cart path, players must keep electric carts at least 20 yards from greens - not closer than l0 yards to green with handicap flag.

Soft spikes are required. No one will be allowed to play with metal spikes. Note: To minimize the risk of slipping or falling, exercise caution when walking in wet conditions, or on hills, or steep slopes, dead grass, wooden course texture, bridges, steps and railroad ties, or on hard, smooth surfaces such as, but not limited to ice, rocks, concrete, tile, marble, hardwood and varnished floors.

Golfers are expected to wear proper attire. Short shorts, jogging, tennis, athletic shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, cut-offs, Denim or bathing suits are not considered acceptable.

Players looking for lost balls must drop another after 3 minutes, or allow next group to play through. Players must provide receipt and/or personal identification when requested by rangers, and accept warning pertaining to rule violations without challenge.

The above rules and their enforcement are intended to help safeguard the golf course, as well as to make Oak Hills Park a safe, fair and pleasurable place to play golf. Players are reminded that this is a public course and it should be enjoyed by all regardless of personal groups, age, sex or playing ability.

Suspension Policy

Persons who have not signed in and obtained a receipt, and are found playing golf on the course will be suspended for 30 days.

Golfers who are abusive and refuse requests and/or directions by rangers or other employees will be reported - and possibly suspended - for 30 days.

Public intoxication will not be allowed at the Park and golfers may be asked to leave the premises.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Oak Hills Park property except that which is sold at Oak Hills Restaurant on The Green or the 10th Tee Concession, and consumed on the course providing it is from a paper or plastic cup. Failure to comply will result in a 30-day suspension for the first offense and a 60-day suspension for the second offense.

Golfer playing the "Dogleg" Hole #11 intentionally attempting to hit across the tennis courts will be suspended for 30 days.

Allow faster players to play through if pace of play cannot be maintained. Player(s) must maintain the pace of play to avoid open hole(s) ahead. If player(s) is holding up play, the player must pick up his ball and proceed to next tee. A warning will be given for first offense and suspension for repeated offense.

No more than two bags are allowed on an electric cart without a four-bag attachment. No more than two riders are allowed on a cart. Any violations may result in 90-day suspension or the remainder of the golf season, whichever is greater.

No person is permitted to use the Pro's practice area unless taking a lesson. Violators face possible suspension from play on the course for 30 days.

Except for immediate suspensions, rule violators will be given a warning notice for their first offense. For subsequent violations they'll be subjected to suspension ranging from 8 days to the entire season. A record of violations will be maintained and, if necessary to suspend, notice of such suspension will be given to the violator by the Golf Professional/General Manager or the Course Superintendent. Warning or suspension notices will be issued by the Golf Professional/General Manager.

A "suspended" golfer may apply for a hearing by filing a request in writing with the Authority within seven days of receipt of formal suspension notice, and the suspension will be put on hold. The hearing will be held at the next regular Authority meeting. Five concurring votes will be required to overturn the suspension.

Interscholastic Program

Tee times will be 3:00 pm and after.


To book a tournament, charitable event or outing, please contact the Oak Hills Office or email the Golf Pro, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (203) 838-0303.

For approved tournaments:

  • Tournament Chairman to provide Golf Pro, 8 days in advance of Tournament, a starting list of players, total number, and give desired tee-off times.

The scheduled per-player tournament fee must be paid in advance as a single payment 

Players will abide by all course rules and policies.

Restaurant and 10th Tee Concession stand will be available for players' use, but tournaments shall not be allowed to serve, dispense or sell alcoholic beverages unless such serving, dispensing or selling is at the restaurant or 10th Tee Concession stand, and is limited to beer in paper or plastic cups, and permission is obtained from the concessionaire. Violation will result in suspension of tournament privileges.


No caddies are allowed except for the Club Championship playoffs and special tournaments.

Oak Hills Park Tennis Courts

Oak Hills has 8 Har-Tru clay tennis courts located on Fillow Street in Norwalk, CT. Residents and Non-Residents of Norwalk are welcome to use these courts. For information about tennis lessons, court time, etc., please contact Oak Hills Tennis at 203-838-9110 or visit the website at www.oakhillstennisclub.com. The Tennis Courts open for the season May 1st (weather permitting).

All tennis players wishing to use the tennis courts MUST purchase an Oak Hills Park Resident ID card. ID Cards & Season passes can be purchased at the Park's Main Office (located next to the Golf Pro Shop) Mon-Fri, 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Sat & Sun, 8:00-3:00 pm.

Tennis Fees

  • Oak Hills Park Resident ID Card — $75
  • Oak Hills Park Resident ID Card Renewal — $75

Tennis Season Passes

(Those people buying season passes must purchase a Park Resident ID Card in addition to the season pass.)

  • Resident: $150
  • Non-Resident: $250
  • Resident Junior / Senior: $95
Hourly RatesWeekdayWeekend
Resident by Hour: $15 $15
Resident Junior / Senior: $15 $15
Non-Resident by Hour $15 $15

Parking at Oak Hills Park

There are two large parking lots available for golfer parking. There is a parking lot located behind the Restaurant for patrons of the restaurant only. Handicap parking is located in the designated area. Only those people with a valid handicap parking pass are allowed to park in the handicap parking area.

There is no overnight parking allowed in any of the parking lots. Littering is strictly prohibited.

Nature Trails

There are nature trails located at Oak Hills Park for hikers. Walking on the golf course (other than playing golf) is not allowed.

Golf Carts

  • Available at the Pro Shop.
  • Rental cost (2-person riding cart): $40
  • Single Rider Cart: $20
  • Push Cart: $10


These Rules and Regulations may be amended at a meeting of the Authority by the consent a quorum. Notice of intent to amend must be in writing to all members 14 days prior the meeting and entered in the minutes of the meeting.


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