The Members of the Authority

On March 1, 1998, the Oak Hills Park Authority (O.H.P.A.) took over the operation of Oak Hills Park in Norwalk, CT.

Oak Hills Park has a history of being enjoyed by thousands in the community who like to play golf, tennis, or just want to commune with nature. Many say it is one of the most beautiful parks in Fairfield County. However the Park, which has been open for over 30 years, since May 1969, had suffered from neglect because of various problems.

The O.H.P.A. upon assuming control of the Park, together with a staff of very able people, set out immediately to correct deficiencies and make improvements.

Today, Oak Hills Park is one of Connecticut's most beautiful golf courses.

Jerry Crowley - Chairman

Bill Waters - Vice-Chairman

Pat Williams - Treasurer

Elsa Peterson Obuchowski - Member

Jane Walters - Member

Joe Kendy - Member

Raeanne Bromark - Member

2 Vacancies

Oak Hills Park Authority Status

Winter 2017


What’s Happening at Oak Hills

Below is a status report for the ongoing construction at Oak Hills from:

McNeil Design Collaborative

The Northeast Golf Company

Jim Schell – Oak Hills Park Superintendent

The Oak Hill Park Authority



Great Lawn (behind employee parking lot) Complete

The general grading and topsoiling of the overall area are complete. The gravel walk path was installed. A connection to the Nature Trail was made to end away from dumpsters.

Invasive and unattractive trees have been removed and new trees and vegetation planted (per the plan). All irrigation was roughed in. The boulders located at the left of the lawn shall be positioned in natural clusters along the edge of the parking lot so as to minimize vehicular access onto the lawn. There will be two distinct areas of the Great Lawn, the front being grass and rear being a meadow consisting of tall grass and wild flowers.

Fountain Garden (behind restaurant) to be completed in the Spring

The fountain garden area was rough graded and irrigation installed. Ledge uncovered along the left side of the garden has redirected the “future” positioning of the pergola (not included in the scope at this time). The stone wall has been rebuilt and a trail has been installed to connect to Great Lawn and existing nature trail. Sod will be installed when site is ready.

Hole 18 – to be completed in the Spring

  • The elevated back tee box will be levelled and resodded. Same for the lower tee complex.
  • Left short greenside bunker- final sand lines were defined. Drainage will be tied into new system exiting from left greenside bunker.
  • Left greenside bunker- final sand lines were defined with slight modifications to shape and angle of bunker to provide more natural lines. Drainage will be new from this bunker out.
  • A drain line will be installed short and left of the fairway.

Hole 15 – Complete

  • All three tee boxes have been raised, enlarged, laser-levelled and resodded.
  • The left greenside bunkers have been re-sculpted and shifted closer to the fairway. A grass island has been added in the middle of the bunker for aesthetic value and increased challenge.
  • Several contoured mounds have been added behind the bunkers and along the entrance driveway, adding to the beauty of the hole.

Hole 14 – Complete

  • All three tee boxes have been raised, enlarged, laser-levelled and resodded.
  • The left fairway bunker (30 yards short of the hole) has been transformed into a grass hollow.
  • The right greenside bunker has been completely reshaped and resodded adding an additional challenge to the hole.
  • The drainage line in first half of fairway has been replaced.

Hole 13 – Tees Complete.  Bunker to be completed in the Spring

  • The back tee boxes have been laser-levelled and resodded.
  • The right greenside bunker has been re-sculpted and shifted closer to the green. Sand and sod will be added in the Spring.
  • The front bunker has been stripped and will be rebuilt.

Hole 12 – Bunkers Complete.  Tee complex to be completed in the Spring

  • All three tee boxes have been raised, enlarged, laser-levelled. Resodding will take place in the Spring.
  • Drainage surrounding the tee box has been installed or improved.
  • The right fairway bunker (80 yards short of the hole) has been transformed into a grass hollow.
  • The left fairway bunker (80 yards short of the hole) has been re-sculpted and shifted inward toward the fairway. The new cart path will route east of this bunker and join the current path near the 13 tee.
  • The greenside bunkers have been completely reshaped and resodded .

Holes 3 and 4 - to be completed in the Spring

  • A new cart path will be routed from the current upper tee complex and through the woods around to the backside of the 3rd green. The cart path in front of the green will be removed. The path will then be routed up the hill to number 4, travel in front of the back tees and along the east edge of the tee complex where it will descend behind the current forward tees.
  • The current path from the lower tee on number 3 will remain in place to the turnaround just left of the 3rd green.

Hole 1 and 7– to be completed in the Spring

  • All tree removal at the new tee box at number 1 is complete. The new tee complex was roughly laid out with Turco Golf. This new tee box will be elevated from its current height and the cart path will be rerouted to the west side of the current Pro Shop/Admin building.
  • This enhancement will allow players on the first tee to view all the way down the first fairway, eliminating the need for the current periscope.
  • All tee surfaces will be laser-levelled and re-sodded.
  • Turco Golf and the Oak Hills will coordinate player circulation to the forward tee on hole 1 and from 6 green to 7 tee and this will be a new layout for 2017. The plan is for carts to travel from hole number 6, in front of the restaurant and around the large practice green and on to hole number 7, re-joining the current cart path at 7.
  • We also laid out the new lower tee on hole 7 (raise 12”). This work will be done in concert with hole 1 tee.
  • Two new drainage basins will be installed in front of one tee as well as a new pipe to drain small pond. Drainage will also be repaired and improved to the right and in front of seven tee.

General Comments

  • As the season approaches we will determine the need for possible temporary greens and tees due to construction.
  • In addition to the cart path re-routing around holes 3 and 4, other new paths will be installed at hole 9 with the path travelling around the right of the green, behind the green and onto the 10 hole, eliminating the need to cross in front of the 10th tee.
  • Additional tree trimming, removal and replacing has taken place at various locations around the golf course in an effort to add beauty, better growing conditions and enhance the speed of play.


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