The Members of the Authority

On March 1, 1998, the Oak Hills Park Authority (O.H.P.A.) took over the operation of Oak Hills Park in Norwalk, CT.

Oak Hills Park has a history of being enjoyed by thousands in the community who like to play golf, tennis, or just want to commune with nature. Many say it is one of the most beautiful parks in Fairfield County. However the Park, which has been open for over 30 years, since May 1969, had suffered from neglect because of various problems.

The O.H.P.A. upon assuming control of the Park, together with a staff of very able people, set out immediately to correct deficiencies and make improvements.

Today, Oak Hills Park is one of Connecticut's most beautiful golf courses.

Bill Waters - Chairman

Jerry Crowley - Vice-Chairman

Pat Williams - Treasurer

Jane Walters - Member

Raeanne Bromark - Member

Joseph Andrasko - Member

Carl Dickens - Member

Jeffrey Taylor - Member

1 Vacancy

Oak Hills Park Authority Status

Winter 2017


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