2022 OHP Junior Golfers who have shown a passion for the game of golf, knowledge of rules and etiquette, maturity, and the skills to play golf on the course without an adult present.

Joey Aleardi
James Bergin
Rehaan Bhaskar
Caleb Breiner
George Brown
Charles Burgess
Patrick Calabro
Eric Charling
Max Childs
Cormac Ryan
Marc D’Amico
Connor Dey
Shannon Dillon
Daniel Fusco
Charlie Gerritsen
Willie Gerritsen
Jack Hennemuth
Aurilio Horton
Zihan Hong
Palmer Iacovone
Aksh Juneja
Luke Kane
Connor Kilroy
Andrew Kim
Caden Leslie
Nat Li
Cullen McCarthy
Colin McKiernan
Ethan Ning
Will O’Malley
Aiden Poster
Parker Rebbechi
Alex Rizzi
Connor Rizzi
Nolan Rous
Cormac Ryan
Jake Schlack
Martin Scofield
Cayden Shih
Ryan Shih
Griffin Stallmeyer
William Wade
Zach Weaver
Matt West
Finn Wild
Tishan Wu
Daniel Xing
Ryan Xing

Names in bold have won their age division in the 2022 OHP Junior Club Championship.