To access the nature trail, look for the green oval “Nature Trail” signs at the eastern edge of the restaurant parking lot and edge of the Fountain Garden.

Rectangular metal blazes (markers) affixed to tree trunks mark the way. The “Main” trail, suitable for all ages, is a little less than 1 mile and emblazoned in blue markers (see blue line on trail map opposite). The Main trail terminates at the Great Lawn. There is a short but steep trail, the “Cutback”, marked in orange, that branches uphill and returns to the “Nature Trail” trailhead sign. Some informally call this the “Tulip Tree Loop” because there is a very tall tulip tree at the junction where the trail branches off to the west from the main trail.

A short, yellow-marked branch, the “North Trail”, cuts off from the northerly portion of the main trail and terminates at the stone wall of the Fountain Garden.

Enjoy this little patch of natural beauty right here in suburban Norwalk!